Rose of Eibon

Horror, Fantasy & Weird Stuff 

Not just a portal into the world of the weird, the universe of the uncanny, but a film-making unit, publisher, genre-themed fashion outlet and specialist video channel…

Rose of Eibon provides content to a number of television programmes, and is currently expanding into ‘extras’ for Blu-ray and DVD distributors. We are also developing a number of film projects, which will be announced here shortly.

Please check out our latest Blu-ray / DVD reviews, television reviews, book reviews and news, as well as our store and our online show Ghostwords TV.

You can get in touch with Rose of Eibon here.

Rose of Eibon Productions has signed up to the Protecting Actors Film Charter (badges 12335, 12348), aiming to ensure our cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions, and to the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement (badges 12336, 12349), guaranteeing all our actors receive a copy of the final footage in a timely fashion.