DVD review: The Doctors – The Jon Pertwee Years (2017)

[This two-disc boxset was released by Koch Media in March 2017.]

The Doctors - Jon Pertwee.jpg

Every Doctor Who fan has his favourite incarnation of the gallivanting Gallifreyan, and mine has remained Jon Pertwee ever since he first stumbled out of the Tardis back in 1970’s Spearhead From Space.

The show had lost much of its original lustre by 1984, when Nicholas Briggs began profiling key personnel for Reeltime’s Myth Makers series, beginning with the Brigadeer himself, Nicholas Courtney. Unfortunately, when Briggs decided to revisit the footage a decade later, the result resembled nothing so much as two jigsaws jumbled together in a box. I can’t comment on Briggs’ next interview, with John “Sgt Benton” Levene (filmed 1987, 1995), since my screener lacked an audio track for that segment, but the chapter featuring Richard “Capt Yates” Franklin (1989, 1996) is a far more satisfactory composite of the two conversations they recorded.

Of course, it’s the Doctor and his companions who are of greatest interest, and Briggs’ hour-long profiles of Jon Pertwee (recorded in two sections circa 1989), Caroline “Liz Shaw” John (1994) and Katy “Jo Grant” Manning (1998) are both engrossing and definitive. Koch Media plans to bookend this volume with two more, focussing upon Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, which should prove equally “must have” for fans.